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Organic 70% Dark Chocolates with Desi Flavours

Kaka Kadi De chocolat may be just the thing you are looking for, if you want to buy a sweet gift for someone you love. The chocolaterie only uses the best ingredients available, directly imported from Ghana and Organic farms to give the best Dark Chocolaterie experience with Desi Flavours such as, Palm Sugar, Jaggery, Karupatti, Honey, Coconut, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger, Lemon and Briyani Flavor with ZERO SUGAR.


Each piece of chocolate is made by hand. Between eight and ten different manufacturing processes are required to make the raw-chocolate alone. After processing, the chocolate is transformed into bars. The stuff dreams are made of! You may enjoy our De Chocolat products in various forms., Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Compounds, Cocoa Bars, Cocoa Powder, Hot & Chocolate Mix, Truffles, Choco Dips, Choco Puri and more..........

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Ravi Nag


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Kaka Kadi De Choclat comes from Basmati Foods - a 21 year food company having various verticals and inventions in the modern food business in Malaysia, UK, USA and India. Our 70% Dark Chocolate with Desi flavours offers a unique selection of handcrafted chocolates and desserts made from premium local ingredients.


Ravi sources flavours to contrast or compliment the base cacao characters. He uses the best local ingredients for his chocolates, and takes great joy in exploring Original Dark Chocolate with Desi flavours as well as other sweet and savoury aromas, with the appropriate choice of high quality cacao, to create delicious and captivating chocolates. Kaka Kadi De Chocolat uses only high quality Swiss couverture, with cacao beans sourced from sustainable cacao plantations around the world.  

Ravi pours all his passion and savoir-faire into each and every chocolate. His exceptionally refined palate and knowledge of base flavours has enabled him to create some of the most sensational, balanced and unique chocolates in Swiss & Desi fusion style to cater all audiences in India and many parts of the world.

“There is nothing better than a friend's,
  Kaka Kadi chocolate.” 
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Ravi Nag - Creator and Founder

our cacao beans


The main couverture used is a single origin Criollo from Venezuela & Ghana - a relatively rare and premium strain of cacao. Other sources include Ecuador, the Ivory Coast, and Bolivia. Dark Side Chocolates uses fresh local ingredients wherever possible. Local organic sources include Palm Sugar, Karupatti from down south, Honey from South West Mountains and Coconut from God's own country. Our Handcrafted chocolates doesn't have any preservatives or artificial flavours which is commercially used in the market. We support farmers and their fresh produces to give the best experience to every customer who buy this product from us or from our partners. Our chocolates are never added with Sugar which you can experience in every bite of the Original Dark Flavours with 70%. Buy our products with 100% confidence and you will never find a product like this.

Choose from our current range with flavours such as Palm Sugar, Jaggery, Karupatti, Honey, Coconut, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger, Lemon and Briyani Flavor with ZERO SUGAR. 

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